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“Nice start for first time author Wren. One Troy Ounce is a fast paced mystery novel with compelling characters pulling you from one page to the next. Main character Anna is thrown a curveball that upsets her normally organized life and how she responds takes her on a journey of discovery about a fortune of lost silver and a past she thought she knew. A great read.” -MK

Fascinating, informative, heartbreaking and ultimately inspirational, this novel contains so many surprising turns, I did not want to put it down. Just when I thought I knew where it was going, I was shocked again & again. The true definition of a “page-turner!” Highly recommend. -Nancy G.

Carolina Wren is an extraordinary novelist. One Troy Ounce kept me wanting more with the turning of each page. Faced with abandonment as a young child, Anna is a character who pulls at your heartstrings. As a result of many twists and turns, Anna learns as an adult that she may be the heir to a massive fortune in stolen silver resulting from the shady business dealings of the birth father she never knew. A must read on every level that would be a wonderful film.
Lynn M.

This book is a fast-paced page turner, with good character development. An amazing story of intrigue and corruption. Highly recommend! -KMB

Carolina Wren succeeds at capturing your full attention! Seeking answers throughout this mystery heist, you will never want to put the book down. Developing characters along the way, I felt myself cheering for and wishing for outcomes, even having distain for some characters at times…. What an amazing adventure. I felt the author invited readers along, and I’m so grateful I was able to experience this journey! -Thomas M.

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A New Novel By Carolina A. Wren

Meet the Characters

About the Author

First-time novelist Carolina Wren, author of the new book One Troy Ounce, has created a gripping story about arguably the largest silver robbery in history. After nearly ten years of research, Carolina turned her personal story into an unforgettable novel.Carolina A. Wren spends most of her time in Southern California with her husband, three children and schnoodle, Tango.

Bookclub Discussion Prompts

In the first chapter of One Troy Ounce, we learn that Sally was disappointed that she had given birth to a daughter rather than a son. Do you think women have a different relationship with their sons than their daughters? Why might Sally have preferred a boy?

Sally’s parents abandoned her after she married Robert and they also refused to accept Anna. Discuss if their actions influenced Sally’s decision to place her in foster care. How do you think Sally’s parents would have reacted to meeting Anna as an adult?

After three years in the same foster family, Anna’s foster parents didn’t adopt her? How did that decision affect Anna?

Should Anna have tried harder to have a relationship with Isaac? Do you think she had regrets?

Robert and Lena pushed the envelope when they decided to mint two million Universaros. If they had continued to be financially successful, would they have remained married? Is money enough to hold a marriage together?

Harry and Helen, Anna’s adoptive parents, never discussed Anna’s adoption with her but Isaac’s parents were open from the beginning. Did the way each family handle the adoption influence how Anna or Isaac felt about finding their biological parents? How do adoptive parents feel about their children searching for biological parents?

Do you think there is any merit in not telling an adopted child he/she is adopted?

Sally, Anna’s biological mother, lied to her husband, John, about both Anna and Isaac. Is it okay to conceal information about children given up for adoption from future spouses? Discuss.

Despite the fact that Robert never reached out to Anna, she felt a connection to him. Why?

After Wade Valente was cleared by the FBI, he kept all the silver for himself. Should he have given anything to Isaac or Anna? Fern? Lena?

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